The year is 2454 and Mankind has reached the stars. For the past hundred years we in our many guises have enjoyed a time of relative stability. A time of rapid expansion and aggressive colonialism facilitated by the invention of the Fold-Space Drive.

Peace, however, is not Mankind’s forte. The three great powers: The Senate of Mars, The Priesthood of Earth, and the world-ships of the Feral Enclaves are posturing. All claim the right to be the next Hegemon of the Sol System. All are willing to fight for their image of human evolution.


The United Coalition Front (UCF) is a red cross organization tasked with rescuing those left injured on the battlefield or displaced by the fighting. They alone are bound in this great conflict by no master. Rather they are granted pass by all three parties for humanitarian reasons.


As times get desperate people start to lose sight of their moral compasses. Even the UCF can wind up in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The date is November 7th 2454. After a brutal skirmish over Titan by a scouting group of Earth H.O.M.E. ships and a Martian Republic Patrol the UCFS Isis is performing routine humanitarian duties. Operations are going well until unknown energy signatures appear on her system scanners. After all attempts to hail fail – the unmistakable siren alert of klaxons blare across the ship. Crew rush to stations as passengers are all placed into cryo-stasis.

Outgunned and slower than her pursuers, the captain of the Isis boots up the Foldspace Drive and prepares to make a blind jump.


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