Citizen of the Republic


Life on Mars:


NanoTech Augments: Republic characters may select up to six dots of Nanotech Augments at character creation and may purchase additional dots at the cost of 2x new.

Data-Tether: One dot augment. A small chip implanted at the base of the skull allows the user to interface directly with wireless systems and frequencies. Great for browsing the web, catching radio signals, or snooping on opponents with a less than stellar fire-wall.

A.I. Integration Software: One dot augment. A.I. Integration Software allows a human and an A.I. mind to work in conjunction with one another in order to complete difficult tasks (as a singular conjoined system). A character who is interfaced with an A.I. may add half of that A.I.‘s relevant dice pool to their own in order to accomplish what they are trying to do. This merit may be taken alone (at which point the connection requires a physical “jack” located at the back of the character’s head) or may be taken alongside a Data-Tether (at which point any A.I. that can be accessed remotely does not require a physical port to connect with).

Republic A.I.’s are far more friendly than their H.O.M.E. counterparts. They often see humanity as partners and friends and are less likely to attempt subversion.

Enhanced Musculature: Two dot augment. Add one to the characters strength, stamina, or dexterity for each time this merit is taken.

Med-Bot Nanite-Implant: Two dot augment. Nanites in the character’s blood-stream facilitate the healing process should injury be incurred. A character with this merit heals at twice the normal rate of a standard human being.

S.N. Nanite Rewiring: Two dot augment. Add one to the character’s intelligence, presence, or manipulation for each time this merit is taken. Sapient Nueral Nanite Rewiring is the process of coaxing nanites in the brain to form a more complicated basic lattice. Unlike other systems that interface with existing brain structure – this system actively changes it. Results can be remarkable, but public opinion is still divided.

Integrated Eye H.U.D.: One dot augment. The character can keep track of a number of different wireless or bodily systems without having to rely on traditional micro-lens contacts.

Weapon Integration Hardware: Two dot augment. A neural connection point located just beneath the skin of the palm allows a user to mentally link with weapon systems and sights. Keeping track of ammunition and allowing them to peek around corners. Doing so causes a temporary dislocation of ones-self however (-2 to perception checks not pertaining to the weapon), so extended use is dissuaded.


Basic Technologies and Free Augments:

Data Jack: A small implant at the base of the skull or on the back of the head. This small “port”, typically covered by a small chrome hexagonal plate, allows a user to interface with the Republic’s many computer and mechanized systems. It is cheaper than a Data Tether and does not require the system you are connecting to to also be wireless.

Mental Circuit-Breaker: An often controversial augment, but kept in circulation by wide demand. A mental circuit-breaker is an anti-hacking augment that actively follows date into and out of the users Data-Jack or Data-Tether. It is a small innocuous bead planted right next to the device. In the case of a successful hacking attempt against the user the device produces a small electrical jolt that destroys the connection point. Physical damage is minimal, but the shock of sudden disconnect can hit the user hard enough to cause them to pass out. (Stamina roll to remain conscious and a -3 penalty to all actions for the next five minutes).

Mental Firewall: It is a right of all citizens of the Republic to expect a degree of security and safety when using it’s many computerized systems. A mental firewall is granted to all those that take a Data-Jack or Data-Tether for a minimal surcharge. It grants opponent’s trying to hack you a +16 target modifier on an extended hacking attempt or a +8 target modifier on a quick-hack attempt.

Citizen of the Republic

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