Denizen of the Feral Enclaves


Life in the Enclaves:

Character Creation: In order to create a Denizen of the Feral Enclaves use the standard WoD character creation procedure with fifteen added experience and four starting dots of augments (see below).


Degrees of Human: Genetic Augments

General Rules: A starting character begins play with four dots of augments and may purchase additional dots at the experience cost of 3x new. Unless otherwise stated treat all augments as though they are a more expensive merit with a 1-5 rating. Existing augments may be raised with experience over time (growing naturally into their own), but new augments require in-game genetic therapy to acquire.

Enhanced Senses: Bird like eyes, cat like ears, heat sensing pits, and vibration sensitive glands are all common augments for those living in the enclaves. Pick one of the following: Sight, Hearing, Smell, Touch, or Taste. For each dot taken in this augment the user is granted a +1 bonus to all rolls pertaining to that particular category.

Hardened Skin: Animal carapace, leathery skin, and scales all fit into this category. For each dot taken in this augment the user is granted +1 natural armor at all times.

Natural Weaponry: (Limit 1-3 Dots) From claws, to spines, to fangs it is important for those in the enclaves to be able to protect themselves. For each dot taken in this augment the user is granted +1 lethal damage to bite or brawl attacks.

Chameleonic Adaptation: For each dot taken in this augment the user is granted +1 to all stealth rolls.

Winged: At two dots the user can glide long distances without taking damage, but loses one health. At four dots the user is capable of sustained flight at double running speed, but loses two health.

Bestial Communion: For each dot taken in this augment the user gains a +1 bonus on all animal ken checks.

Digitigrade Legs: For each dot taken in this augment the user is granted +2 speed.

Unnatural Appendages: For each dot taken in this augment the user is granted a +1 bonus to all grappling and climbing checks.

Forbidden Shamanism: Touted as hogwash and complete Tom-foolery by even Enclave goverment the Shadow Conclave whispers of unnatural precognitive ability unlocked with certain augments. The player can pick one Fate or Time spell from the Mage: The Awakening core book at the cost of one dot per level. Each augment is unique – so this aspect must be learned multiple times for multiple abilities. It does not grow naturally like the others. This augment may only be taken if the character possesses another non-related augment of at least one dot.

War Form: (Four Dots Only) The character’s body is naturally lean with a hyper metabolism. This genetic augment ONLY belongs to those of the soldier class. Pick a predatory animal. Your character is for all intents and purposes a werewolf from Werewolf: The Forsaken who can only take up only the Gauru and Near-Human forms. If this augment is chosen no other augments may be acquired.

Additionally: The Enclaves understand just how dangerous their own soldiers can be. Each soldier with War Form picks a common element to be their bane. They guard this secret jealously, but the Enclaves themselves keep written records. Just in case.

Transformative Genetics: (2 Dots) This augment is added onto another augment, other than Forbidden Shamanism and War Form, for two additonal dots. That augment is not normally visible, but can be triggered to appear. The process of sudden melding is painful, but brief. Manifesting an augment hidden with Transformative Genetics can be done reflexively.

Denizen of the Feral Enclaves

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