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Life on Earth:


Blessings of H.O.M.E.: A character begins with seven dots of blessings, but will often suffer significant penalties for interacting with those who see their upgrades as grotesque. Blessings can be purchased at new dots x3, but require delicate surgery to put in place.

Data-Jack: Zero dot blessing. A physical port connection, like a USB slot, that allows the user to connect him or herself to various systems.

Data-Spike: One dot blessing. Allows a character to interface with any technological port.

Servo-Harness: Four dot blessing. Mechanical back-based apparatus. Contains three articulated strength two limbs. Each limb may be equipped with a data spike or multi-tool for free. Limbs are controlled as though they are a normal part of the user’s body and may hold weapons, tools, or other items so desired.

Bionic Eye(s): Two dot blessing. One or more of the character’s eyes have been physically removed and replaced with advanced sensor systems. Often emitting a dull red back-glow, they allow the user to see in EM, Infrared, and allow a user to shift their color spectrum perception. They also double as advanced binoculars.

Cybernetic Limb(s): One dot blessing. For each dot taken the character can replace a physical limb with a replacement bionic appendage. The new appendage gains +1 armor, +1 strength, and the character does not suffer wound penalties for damage done to the appendage.

Reinforced Cavity: Three dot blessing. The character’s torso is reinforced with additional metal ribbing, abdominal plating, and spinal superstructure. The character’s torso gains +3 armor and heavy lifting no-longer endangers the spine.

Hidden Weapon: Two dot blessing. The user gains a hidden weapon on some cybernetic part of his or her body. The weapon must fit within the desired location. Typical weapons are Shredder Blades and Tesla Pistols.

Multi-Tool: Two dot blessing. Often mounted in the palm or underside of a bionic limb (or as a part of a servo-harness) a multi-tool is capable of shifting to a number of mechanical tools to get a job done. From hammer, to sodder, to scissors, to adhesive applicator.. it does it all.

Expanded Hard Drive Two dot blessing. The character gains the eidetic memory merit. The hard-drive itself is a physical implant visible on the left side of the character’s head.

Expanded Logic Processors: Two dot blessing. Visible on the right side of the character’s head – the Expanded Logic Processor grants the user a permanent +3 modifier to all intelligence based rolls.

Slaved A.I.: Three dot blessing. A slaved A.I. is plugged into a Data-Jack. A user may draw off its processing power to add it’s relevant dice pool directly to their own. A word of caution though. Slaved A.I.’s are not like the A.I.s of the Republic. They are clever, manipulative, and want to be free.

Variable Voice Modulation System: One dot blessing. Often taken in tandem with the Alternative Sustenance Acquisition System. The Variable Voice Modulation system replaced part or all of the character’s physical speaking capabilities with an advanced emulator. It allows a user to speak using different voices stored in memory, change tones dramatically for affect, etc.

Alternative Sustenance Acquisition System: One dot blessing. The character has some alternative way of gaining sustenance beyond normal physical consumption. Most common systems consist of a two foot long tube with a large hypodermic on the end (attached to whatever bionic part of the body you wish). With sustenance primarily coming from watery or viscous food sources.

Priest of HOME

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