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The year is 2454 and Mankind has reached the stars. For the past hundred years we, in our many guises, have enjoyed a time of relative stability. A time of rapid expansion and aggressive colonialism facilitated by the invention of the Fold-Space Drive.

As colonial conflict in the distant Valedar system erupts into outright war the three great powers (The Senate of Mars, The Priesthood of H.O.M.E. (Holy Order of the Machine Encarmine), and the world-ships of the Feral Enclaves) launch fleets of ships and special operations to secure their various interests. All claim the right to be the next hegemon of the Sol System. All are willing to fight for their image of what it means to be human.

Human History



Priesthood of the Holy Order the Machine Encarmine: Earth

“Those who idolize the flesh are misled. Biology is inherently flawed; flesh is weak. Accept the machine, accept strength, accept H.O.M.E.”

Earth, once the cradle of humanity, floats through the cold void of space as a pale shadow of its former glory. It is a planet plagued by industry, exploitationism, and hundreds of years of war. A toxic dead land ruled by a harsh cyborg priesthood. A barren place where flesh mutates in nuclear fallout, where the masses cloister in spectacular spire cities in search of a semblance of life, and where only the machine stands the testament of time.


Wielding arcane technologies and armies of conscripts – the H.O.M.E. Priesthood set fourth in search of new homes for their beleaguered people in distant pastures. It is in this search that they find themselves pitted against the Martian Republic and Feral Enclaves in the newly discovered Valedar system. As frontier conflict spills into the Sol System and war becomes unavoidable the Priesthood unleash an armada of brutal warships. The salvation of their people and the word of H.O.M.E. will not be denied.

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Senate of the Republic: Citizenry of Mars

“United we stand. A Post-Human society, built on rule of law and gilded with civil liberties, that will transcend our troubled past and lead us to interstellar prosperity.”

Mars – the crowning jewel of achievement for mankind. The once dead planet now stands inextricably changed. Terraformed between 2100 and 2300 in response to the slow death of Earth it is now a verdant world where industry and progress blossoms. Massive cities and national parks be-speckle the landscape and advanced skiffs hover over city streets.

As a natural continuation of Earth’s previous society the Martian Republic holds strong to democratic values and carefully tended individualism. Meanwhile corporations push the state sanctioned Transcendence Plan. Nanotechnology developed just recently has seen a merging of flesh and machine into one. It pushes the theoretical limit of the human life to hundreds of years and, so say those in power, offers all it touches a little bit of god-hood.


All is not well on the red planet however. The utopia created by the merging of flesh and machine is starting to fray. Rampant corruption and gross governmental oversight chokes the citizenry and dissent becomes common place. In response the Senate looks for a temporary out. A common enemy that can be united against to stave off insurrection and disharmony.

Cue the Valedar system. A surprise assault on a small civilian outpost of the distant desert planet of Illian II sends outrage across Mars. Images of the destruction broadcasts far and wide across media outlets and families mourn the dead. While they deny it vehemently – all fingers point at a rival H.O.M.E. colony. As things begin to spiral out of control peace keeping fleets of sleek technologically advanced craft and carriers move to secure Martian interests.

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Free Denizens of the Feral Enclaves: World Ships

“The others claim that Mankind’s evolution lies with the machine. This is false. We may tweak the natural order of things, but our future lies within our genetics.”

The self sufficient world ships of the Feral Enclaves were born of a defunct doomsday prophecy in the latter decades of the 22nd century. Since then these social experiments have become bastions of free speech and self expression. Masters of genetic engineering and fiercely independent – the inhabitants of these worlds rely on physical modification rather than integrated technology in seeking human transcendence. To them gene splicing creates all the advantages of more invasive procedures, but without the inherent risks.


Denizen of the Feral Enclaves: Character Creation


The Forgotten: Men Among Gods

“We originals are so few, but we are tenacious and well connected. Post-Human? We put their name to the test.”

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The Ship:


The Lost Isles: Adrift




The Three Sisters

Veridia: Realm of Order and Life

Nocturne: Realm of Chaos and Death

Lilith: The Troublemaker

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